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fix reverse charge support (eu)

Sebastian shared this idea 3 months ago
Under Consideration

The reverse charge support in blesta is broken/wrong!

Currently invoices for vat exempt businesses show 0% vat,

where it should not show any VAT!

this means that we are incorrectly charging 0% tax vs not charging it.

(invoice needs to show a note of "reverse charge rules apply" in this case, wich can be done currently via the extra nots/comments/text in invoice cumtomisation).

Comments (2)


Other services in respect of which the tax liability must be transferred to the recipient of the service, who is the entrepreneur (VAT registration number), in accordance with article 196 of the VAT Council Directive 2006/112/EC are to be recorded in the recapitulative Statement (RS). This includes all other services in respect of which tax is payable in accordance with the general rule in another Member State pursuant to section 3a paragraph 6 UStG ( at the place of receipt), in particular:


services provided electronically


Quick fix:

invoice: when customer = vat registered business

a) don't show vat (also not 0% like its now incorrectly, just hide the line)

b) Display Customers Vat-ID and our Business VAT ID

Additional fixes for Brexit, Switzerland that should be implemented later:

=> Display an alternative VAT-ID based on Users Location (ie display our switzerland vat id => if the users is in switzerland, overriding the .eu one| UK Vat id for .uk users)

Split the Reverse charge text into its own field at some point: