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Drop Down Primary Menus In Admin on MouseOver As Well As On Click

L Too shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

If you're using a desktop PC rather than a mobile device, it would be nice if the top-level menu items with child menu items; i.e., Clients, Billing, Packages, Tools, and Support, would drop down on the jQuery mouseover event as well as on click. It would save an extra click each time a user tries to access a child menu item.

For example, say you want to view the Clients page. Currently, you have to click the top-level Clients menu item to get the menu to drop down, then click the Clients child submenu item. If you add a jQuery mouseover event to the top-level Clients menu item, all you'd have to do is hover the cursor over the top-level Clients menu item and click on Clients, saving one click each time you access a submenu item.

It's an easy change in the javascript and won't affect mobile devices, but it would make a big improvement in convenience for desktop users; that one click can add up quickly when you are moving through the menus a lot.