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DirectAdmin Module Ability To Let Clients' Add Additional Disk Space, Bandwidth and Daily Emailing

Ricky Torres shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

As the title states it would be very neat if we could "al carte" additional options on top of the package being sold (like the top tier package). Here an example...

Additional xGB Disk Space Price per configured term

Additional yGB Bandwidth Price per configured term

Additional z daily emailing limit Price per configured term

So if a client want 100GB of disk space for instance they can pay for the top tier package then "tack on" so much disk space until they get the 100GB they want/need. Paying the different by the additional GBs they ordered to reach the 100GB limit.

Would any of these be possible so that a client could automatically upgrade or downgrade themselves? Instead of making a package and every now and then for that client who outgrows a "top tier" package?

Thanks very much in advance!