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Vultr module need more options

sbr4340 shared this idea 7 months ago
Under Consideration

Vultr module need 2 more options.

1. Currently vultr module has no options to enable/disable snapshot for specific users which is available on vultr official whmcs module and that is very useful because of vultr not allow unlimited snapshot options so we can't offer every user a snapshot for free, also we can sell this snapshot feature as addon so we could get more benefit.

2. Also have to add options for automatic deploy new server from selected snapshot, client should have ability to select OS from existing snapshot and also if they have their own snapshot taken from previous purchased server, they should have option to restore that on any new server he purchased from us. This option is also available on official vultr whmcs module. So if we move from whmcs to blesta we will not lose these options!

I think blesta team will consider above options seriously for supporting us.


Comments (2)


1. Does this have to do with snapshot backups? You can create a config option and charge an extra fee for this, does that resolve the issue?

2. Select an existing snapshot when deploying a new server that they are ordering?


1. Yes we need to charge for snapshot option, if a client pay for snapshot then we want to enable it for them from config option. Later if a client taken a snapshot of his server1 and if he buy server2, he should get a ability to restore server1 snapshot on to server2.

2. Yes we like to automatic deploy new server after payment done from snapshot if client select any snapshot image OS while ordering.