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Ability to set Quantities in Configurable Options

Cam Gullo shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration


Currently, we are not able to set quantities for the options in a configurable option.

This can be useful in my scenario where I would like to centralize my services into one service. The only main thing missing is quantities on a more refined basis.

For example, a configurable option that can set the amount of RAM a server has by using a dropdown with intervals of 1 GB could be limited to 10 quantity on the 1 GB selection and maybe 2 quantity on an 8 GB selection.

I hope I explained it clear enough, I would be happy to give more examples.

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I may not understand fully, but it sounds like the configurable option would be essentially two configurable options, one for the option (e.g. RAM), and one for the quantity of that option. If that's the case, it wouldn't fit the flow of configurable options very well in Blesta, which are each assumed to be individual. It may be possible to achieve a similar behavior by creating a drop-down field that contains all of the available options, or use a quantity option representing each quantity increment for the field (e.g. 1 GB RAM per quantity).


Hey Tyson,

Uhh, No.

By quantity I am referring to the amount of times clients could purchase a configurable option until it is out of stock and gets hidden from the drop down or gets grayed out and gets disabled from being selected again.

Hopefully this makes more sense!

I do think this would be quite a powerful tool that could allow for a lot less manual labor in regards to support requests. It would definitely save me a lot of time!



So in other words, there should exist a max available quantity on a config option (similar to coupons), and the quantity remaining changes based on whether there is a change to an active service (quantity decrements) or a canceled service (quantity increments)?


Yes! This would be an awesome feature to add.

If canceled services increased quantities that would be awesome too!