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Affiliate Widget and Admin Notification

Joseph H shared this idea 7 months ago
Under Consideration

First we are happy on the release of the affiliate plugin.

Add A widget in admin area which will show total unpaid amount (Amount owed)

Send an admin notification/report on new sales and unpaid amounts

In Affiliate section, allow admin to see the successful sales client profiles which have resulted into the credit.

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An affiliate widget is a pretty good idea. Is this to be shown on the admin dashboard or billing overview, or on the affiliates client profile page? How would you like this to look and how would you like the data displayed? (A mockup would be great)


I will try to do a mocup. This should be on the admin dashboard. And On billing I think, as that's the department dealing with Funds.

Also daily reports will be awesome, as on closing the day sales. You will be able to separate the funds which are owed to clients.