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User Management System

Bady shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration

We would welcome a user management system like in WHMCS. Here, a user has the possibility to give another user the authorisation to log into the other account via his own account without needing the access data, and to make changes to the product there, for example.

This function is very popular with agencies. The web hosting customer A has a customer account through which the web hosting package and the domain run. The agency has its own account and receives access rights for the customer account.

Now the agency can log into its own account and log in as customer A and make the corresponding settings.

In this way, the agency can of course gain access for client B, client C, D, .......Z without client A having to share their own access data and the agency only has to remember the access data from their own account.

If client A cancels the contract with the agency, he can simply revoke the agency's authorisation.

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Blesta has contacts? Doesn't that work the same way?


In the case of contacts, the agency receives separate access with separate access data from each customer. So if the agency has 20 clients, you have 20 individual access data.

With the "new" system at WHMCS, the agency has its own account and can use it to log in to the respective customers without further access data (similar to the "Log in as customer" link in the Blesta admin area).

This is very convenient for agencies or clients who want to manage several accounts as they only have to remember their own access data and not 20 others or more.


This is be a needed addon an one of the reasons I can't leave WHMCS atm : (

We have many resellers, which have to manage their customers accounts.