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Update SSLCOMMERZ module

Benjamin Biswas shared this idea 4 months ago
Under Consideration

SSLCOMMERZ is a biggest Bangladeshi payment gateway. I found an older version of the module here: . But it's no longer working with latest Blesta v5.9.0 or SSLCOMMERZ latest API v4. As I found this module was made with API v3 & now SSLCOMMERZ running API v4. If I update API v3 to v4 then I found some parameters are missing, if added the missing parameter still it's not working. So, I think there have need few small changes to make it working with latest Blesta & latest SSLCOMMERZ API.

Kindly, update it asap. It will help all Bangladeshi hosting provider who are already using Blesta or having plan to use Blesta.

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This post on poppy playtime was quite entertaining even though it took me some time to read all of the comments that were deleted. It was really helpful to me, and I'm sure it will be to everyone else who comments on this post as well! It's wonderful that you're not just getting information, but also having fun!


I also request please update the SSLCOM module. I can help by providing live API if needed.