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Update Centova Cast Plugin

Michael Foland shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

The Centova Cast plugin by Paul works great... It's just missing some options:

It does not allow you to select auto dj and the settings for Auto Dj from the UI

and it does not allow you to select for reseller and the clients a reseller is allowed to have.

Here are the settings for the limits for resellers:

Maximum bit rate: Kbps informationMaximum accounts: information UnlimitedListener slots (total): information UnlimitedDisk quota: MB (soft quota) information Unlimited OversellData transfer limit: MB/month information Unlimited OversellBandwidth limit: Kbps information UnlimitedAutoDJ capabilities:PermittedProhibited (streams MUST use an offsite source) information When transfer limit is exceeded: Perform the default actionSuspend reseller and shutdown/suspend reseller's clientsNotify reseller and administrator but take no action When disk quota is exceeded: