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Obtain Centova port number when provisioning streaming account

Gavin Watson shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration


When placing an order using the Centova module, the port number assigned to the account provisioned is not available and is required to pass onto the customer.

The port number I refer to is the port number that is allocated to the customers streaming server, not the 2199 which is the port number for the Centova control panel.

When a customer orders a streaming server from Centova, the streaming server is created on Centova and assigned a port number. It is this port number I would need to obtain.

I've had a quick look at the Centova API but could not immediately see where this would be obtained from, but certainly when creating a new account and provisioning the service, the port number should be available to pass onto the customer.

The port number typically starts at 8000 and is automatically generated when a new streaming account is created, I have attached images from the Centova panel to hopefully illustrate.

Many thanks.