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Support For Hosted Transactional Email (Postmark, Mandrill, Mailgun Etc)

Franz shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

This was posted in the forums back in 2015 by Ekim

It would be great if Blesta had support for these transactional email services which are so commonly used today. Of course we can use their SMTP servers for outgoing email but these guys also support incoming email, plus using their API for outgoing email is much faster than SMTP. Having support for such providers means that we don't have to worry about setting up an email server to run Blesta. Plus they take care of things such as spam filtering, logging, resending emails, parsing incoming mail, and more.

For a faster, more robust and easy to set up email configuration it would be great to support these providers. It would be a selling point for Blesta and with the first 10k emails being free with both Mandrill and Mailgun, it seems like a strong point for ease of set up.


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Also, Mailgun has the ability to use webhooks to update when emails are opened and links clicked, very useful when you get those "I never got the email" customers.