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Support Department - Type: Phone / Livechat

Sebastian shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration

Right Now Blesta's Support Manager is integrated in the client area, so that any department will show a "create ticket" form.

I want to propose that we add the ability to make two new department types.

- Phone

- Livechat


User lists the departments and selects a Department:

Department: Phone-Support => show a page with

- Phone Numbers

- Office-Hours

Department: Emergency-Support => show a page with

- Phone Number

- Office-Hours: Avalible - 24/7

- Extra Text: " Calls for non-emergency Situations will be billed at 100 Euro for each hour".

Department: Support-Tickets => Show a page with

- Create Ticket Form

Department: Support-Livechat => Show a page

- Embedded Image (Chat online/Offline, this gets generated by most livechat systems).

- Support Hours


Bonus Setting: Hide Department outside of office-hours.