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Sort Pricing on Order Forms

Sebastian shared this idea 1 month ago


I think it would be cool if the order forms featuring lists (such as wizard-lists) had the option of sorting the pricing. Alternatively picking a "default value"

lets say you have 3 prices:

- 1 day @ 10 Euro

- 1 month @ 40 Euro

- 1 year @ 120 Euro

=> you might want to display the 1 month value as the default in the drop-down.

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If we implement something like this, it would likely be on the package itself. Or are you wanting to set a different default term for the same package on different order forms? I don't see how this could reliably function as an order form setting, when package groups are assigned to an order form and those groups may have any number of packages with any kind of term/period combination. Saying you want to default to "1 month" terms wouldn't work for any packages that do not have 1 month terms, and then someone would say they want to default some packages to 1 month, but others to 1 year. It gets complicated very quickly unless the option is on the package level.


I'm not really particular to how it is actually implemented. Let me outline the problem of consistency that i'm trying to solve:

i advertise yearly hosting plans on the website => order form => yearly ....then with the option to go monthly.

Same is true for people doing monthly/daily. Eventually this would factor into cloud billing with monthly vs hourly options...


We've created a task to allow a default price to be selected on the Package. See