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Need add payment Processing Fees

Eddris Khan shared this idea 3 weeks ago

Base Fee of 2.2% to 3.9% PLUS $0.30 USD and a Variable Cross Border Fee may apply depending on your country of origin. ALL FEES are to be paid by the payee and deducted from the amount above before posting to your Account Balance.

Need payment Processing Fees Add From Invoice. When They paid 100USD INVOICE

make payment of $104.92 should be sent. $4.92 will go to fees. That's 4.69% in fees, effectively.

4.4% transaction fee + $0.30 per transaction

Like this PayPal Skrill Web money all Getaways.Because Processing Fees out of VAT and TAX. Collocation not match When Paypal and Blesta Income Check Fees are gone.We cannot see Where is our 4.4% Transaction fee + $0.30. SO Transaction fee must need add and as Expense

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Hi there,

We have this planned as CORE-1644: however we won't be doing a transaction fee and a percentage. We're only planning to do a percentage at this moment in time and a discount percentage if you prefer to offer a discount to clients using say bitcoin, etc.


We're most likely going to be doing this task first CORE-2305 which allows you to give a discount for using a certain gateway:


Why cannot Add Transaction Fee As

% Transaction fee + Fixed Amount

Add Fixed Amount row Admin set what they want.