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Integration of S3 Storage for Improved Efficiency

Carlos Devia shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration

Currently, some files occupy substantial local disk space, becoming unmanageable over time when stored locally. Implementing S3 (compatible) storage can offer a cost-effective solution with enhanced performance. Other software has successfully adopted S3 storage, resulting in significant reductions in local space usage and notable improvements in application performance. We request the integration of S3 storage to optimize resource utilization and enhance the overall efficiency of Blesta.

TL:DR: AWS S3, Wasabi or any other S3 compatible storage to save local files like ticket attachments, etc

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If we implement this, it would probably totally replace the "uploads" directory, every file stored in uploads anywhere in Blesta (core + all plugins) would be pulled from an S3 bucket you configure. This could result in a lot of S3 requests, for commonly accessed things like logo, invoice logo/background image, etc. Do you see any issues with that?