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Have blesta set the correct language for Dates in invoices and notices

Luis Mendoza shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

When an invoice is generated, or an email notice, dates inside those are shown in english instead of in the language of the client.

For example, December is shown as Dec, January as Jan. But in spanish those would be Dic, Ene. I believe it also applies for other languages that have different spelling for months, days of week, etc.

More details here:

I believe PHP's date function can be correctly localized using setlocale and other functions.

As stated in the bug report, Besta can set the date formats to m.d.y, for example 12.03.2021, but some countries use d.m.y (03.12.2021) or even y.m.d, and if you have clients in different countries, invoices and notices can get confusing really fast.

Please consider adding this localization to the dates, so invoices can be generated for multiple clients/languages from the same Blesta install.


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I also saw this behavior in the client UI, in the services, transaction and domain lists when showing creation, renewal, payment and other types of dates.


Comment #2: There's a file: language/[lang]/app_controller.php that already asks for translations for months (long and short forms), days of the week and so on.

May be there's a way to allow us to compose the date format using these strings (besides the ones already available at /settings/company/general/localization/)