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Google Workspace For Logicboxes

Tonette Thompson shared this idea 4 months ago
Under Consideration

BLESTA module can be used by Logicboxes resellers to start selling G Suite to their own customers. Resellers are able to set their own margins for both G Suite, From the client perspective, the module will enable the purchase of easily customizable Google services directly from your website. Moreover, your customers will be allowed to perform all management tasks on their products straightforwardly in your client area.

G Suite Module Key Features

Module Auto Install and Update

Fully automated Products Setup with Selling Price Import

Fully automated Configurable Options Setup for additional email accounts with Selling Price Import

Import Manager for active and suspended Orders

Auto Sync for Selling prices and Recurring prices

Service Renew on demand directly from the Client Area Products details Dashboard

IP to Country lookup support to expose the correct geolocated G-Suite Plan with the possibility to use your own IP to Country lookup source

Automated language handling with fallback to English if selected language does not exist

Language files available for English and Spanish with option to add other languages and with override system

Upgrade/Downgrade Email Accounts Plans to apply other Selling Prices for Email Accounts based on the qty

Name Server and DNS Record information in the Client Area Dashboard

Multi LogicBoxes Support. You can use multiple reseller accounts (reselleclub, NetEarthOne, etc.)

Support for all geolocated G-Suite Plans

Auto Login to RAM Dns Interface or Orderbox Dns Interface for DNS Records Management

Client Area Management Dashboard built-in and fully customizable