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EPP Module (official)

Sebastian shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

A lot of registries use the

EPP Protocol (Extensible Provisioning Protocol)

Adding this would add support for a lot of popular providers such as

* Oneprovier:

and furthermore allow direct integration with registries such as

* nominet, ...

This would make blesta an extremely useful tool for domain sales.

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This would be a great modules yes.


This is essential for us! We require Nominet support to be able to migrate from WHMCS.


Dear all,

We are planning to develop a Blesta epp module and release it on github under an open source permissive license.

In the Blesta community, there’s paid, but the most recent update is from 2018 and according to “We have received reports that this developer is not responding to support requests.”

That extension is based on, but we prefer, that offers also maintained implementations for various registries.

Currently supported registries:

SIDN (.nl)



EurID (.eu)

DNS Belgium (.be .vlaanderen .brussels)



IIS (.nu and .se)

CarDNS (.hr)


Nic.AT (.at)

Key Systems RRPPROXY


Switch (.ch)


Ficora (.fi)

DNS.PT (.pt)

Norid (.no)

Arnes (.si) (.lv)

As a side notice, is released under GPL and Blesta is proprietary licese ( even 99% opensource), but I guess that we shall be just fine, since we won’t distribute it bundled with Blesta, just share the module open source on github.

Since we are EURid accredited registrar, our main focus is on .eu domains. Also we plan to add to the library the .ro domain.

However, our current dilemma is choosing the name of the module, in order to avoid future conflicts. We would prefer just plain “epp”, instead of “epp_metaregistrar” that would induce the idea that it is reduced only to registration through the metaregistrar provider.

Remains to be seen if blesta developers would jump in to continue maintenance, or they would prefer to start another one from scratch.