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Custom Views for Plugins

SwiftModders shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

When creating custom themes for Blesta, we're forced to override specific PDT files belonging to several plugins if we wish to make structural changes to the plugin's front end. For instance, each plugin has a "views/default" folder that a theme developer must copy and then override. Therefore, it would be helpful for theme developers to create a custom views folder for their theme or custom order form template. Creating a new folder in the views directory that matches the name of the theme or order form template may be the best approach here.

This will make it easier for Blesta users to update to new versions without overwriting any of the files in the custom theme. Unfortunately, that does not seem possible if you want to change any core plugin view files.

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I wonder if we could look for the same template directory name that's used for the core under /app/views/client/NAME/ for plugins, and if it exists, use those views.


That would be great. This way it would only load the customized templates as necessary.