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Allow Invoice Upload

Sebastian shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

There are business cases where one would like to generate an invoice with an external tool and upload it to Blesta. An example would be an IT-Service pvoider that uses Blesta for electronic billing (online services) but uses invoice ninja/.... or stripe invoicing or his bank account built-in invoice tool to generate invoices related to services rendered in physical locations.


Log into blesta as admin

Select user to upload an invoice to

Invoice > Add > Select Upload (new option)

Blesta shows an "invoice number" to use.

Admin generates invoice via third party tool.

Admin uploads the invoice via a dialogue (next step in invoice add after showing an invoice-id)

admin enters invoice amount (resulting in negative account balance) => In this case the invoice should be uploaded to the "cached" invoice dir (invoice caching on = required).

Invoice shows as "open" for both client and admin, and is downloadable.


Client pays (with any available payment gateway, or a transaction is manually added by admin via transaction add (this would be the case when using cash or a payment method that does not have a payment gateway yet).

Cron: See that there is enough balance to "fix"/"resolve" the negative balance by applying loose credits. => Invoice gets marked as closed.