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System Issue Email Notifications

Alk shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

It would be extremely helpful to have an email notification to the admin when there are any Blesta system issues, rather than relying on the system status widget in the staff portal. Not everyone checks the staff portal daily (there isn't necessarily a need, particularly if you are a small business and you use the support tickets via email) and, for example, the crons can get stuck and therefore it can go unnoticed that there is an issue. If you don't have a lot of business, you can't rely on the fact that you haven't heard from anyone in a while..

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I like the idea, but it's not very simple to implement. A simple solution would result in staff getting spammed every time an incident occurs. A more measured approach is to log these kinds of issues, and then send out a single digest email once a day or at some interval to staff who are subscribed to receive those notices.

The good news is that with 4.1 comes monolog, which means there is a common place that issues are starting to be logged to. Over time, monolog will handle more and more logging, and some type of staff notification system will be feasible.