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Stripe Checkout - chargeback protection

MrPsycho shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

I was wondering if you could also add a non-merchant Stripe Checkout payment gateway, since you have already updated Stripe payments with Intents API (huge thanks for that).

Stripe offers a chargeback protection (waved disputed amount and any fees) if the payments is made through theirs checkout page. That's extremely useful option for some higher risk markets like low end hosting market. I'm sure many companies would benefit from it.

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Hello All,

Yes, new Stripe Hosted Checkout flow supports SCA and Chargeback Protection. We already developed same module for WHMCS.

Let us know if you wants to developed same for Blesta.

Thanks & Regards,



If you could Bhagwan that would be neat thank you I'm sure the guys at Blesta would be happy to include it in future versions of Blesta as-well the Stripe Payments gateway is open-source so you can look into the code and edit what you need to.


I've made a non-merchant Stripe gateway that utilises the Stripe hosted checkout page, I believe that is what this request was asking for: