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Preview/Display: Tax Liablity in blesta

Sebastian shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Since Blesta supports Taxes,

the blesta team should consider adding a view to the reports page/tab where one can view or preview (based on whats in the current month) Tax Liabilities based on the invoices and blesta settings.

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Can you elaborate a bit on this? There is a tax liability report under Billing > Reports. Are you talking about a graph to show tax liability?



Basically right now you have tax settings. When generating an invoice (paid) from the proforma those become a liability that requires payment to the correct tax authority.

Now dependent on the jurisdiction most of these would require payments in fixed intervals. for example quarterly or monthly.

So having a report/HTML-based preview that shows country/vat rate/amount would be nice for a given period would be nice.


I will also expect on the preview bit.

Because based on current active services we can also predict how much tax we expect to have pay in a <selected period>.

so that is very nice for planning purposes.


works by now. However only downside is that its csv, instead of pdf/hdml.