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Predefined email templates - for manual sending in categories

Ralph W. shared this idea 8 months ago
Under Consideration

It would be helpful and time-saving when predefined email templates could be created in Blesta for certain categories (areas) and saved into the database.

e.g. categories:

- Profile

- Domains

- Produkts

The templates can then be displayed for these categories as predefined emails in these areas (send message > selection predefined message).

If a customer orders a hosting package without a domain and name server, then the admin can select a message template under the product - "new nameserver for {domain name variable}".

or under domains a manual pre-defined e-mail, your domain name {domain name variable} expires today ...

or under Profile "your order {produkt name variable} could not be accepted" ...

The additional predefined templates are not limited in number, they should be assignable to specific areas (categories) and should be saved in the database.