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noVNC console for Proxmox module

Defoe Chan shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

The current console is displaying VNC credential which is very tricky to use and the root username is appearing very unprofessional to customers.

I have seen noVNC working on third-party plug-in for WXXXS, it would be so nice if we can have this on Blesta too.

Current console tab


VNC Host:

VNC Port: 5900

VNC Username: root@pam

VNC Password: PVEVNC:53214888::M8lIdjCTdHSKKU+8i64FknhN/lq6ecc/HaYpZW9J+mX7QMBBJJBg42Eegio4ZhVZaGoETLf5UVqkmL9cjGIJKzvhcA7Bz0et9v/SWDwTOHEnvm0+zNK5H76Mr0J4JSwM86bofh1SaR5Uy8jQ1Hwmznq0d4AkMm7s1K1KLWaDHk5QLVimnDwn0/Ki1v/4QmGrVKwg/Wfj6DPn+6bgonXXxAvzZjJm+mlpyI7URPhwBZSZTC9yQ6nLc7zLm31Ci6igmwF7qT93hwAWteqDzFdC7a3qlzUElsLIzFzVG/G47eOX3O8pf8UnM85WUSDb986frzJiS9ym+4u/z52c+tOqIQ==


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Please add HTML5 VNC Console for Proxmox VPS clients.