make "key" in settings accept more than 32 varchar

Mohamed Anouar Achoukhy shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration

as the title , the "key" settings is limited to varchar(32) .

is some case we need to store some setting that is unique and sometimes is long , like

paypal_universal_payments_custom_field_1 , the limitation make the

setting only for the first 32 char 'paypal_universal_payments_custom' .

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Why not use an acronym? These keys are supposed to be short and concise. 64-char length keys aren't very short.

e.g., pup_cf1


64-char length keys aren't very long also !

i don't know why limit something that could be more flexible for dev to set thier own keys as they want .



hope the idea was clear now .


32 character lengths are flexible. You have (36^32 = 6.3e+49) possible keys if you limit yourself to just alphanumeric characters.

A 64 character length means the field will double in size, but >50% of the size is wasted and unused. Since there are 4 levels of setting inheritance, this is multiplied 4-fold.

But also, maybe a 64 character limit would not be enough for some devs based on the keys they want to create, so why not have 128 characters, 192, or 256+?