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Domain availability search & pricing check system

Luis Mendoza shared this idea 3 weeks ago
Under Consideration


Add the ability to query Blesta's domain search endpoint/page via post/get/api and have Blesta return in a JSON format:

- Domain availability status

- Pricing with currency

There's currently a way to post to the preconfig page, but you have to disable CSRF and it makes you leave your website redirecting to blesta.


The ability to pass a domain name to the domain search preconfig page in Blesta via GET

+1 to this issue.


Would be nice to have

A way to insert Blesta's domain search box as an iframe into your website, with all the functionality to search. Please consider:

- Ability to set the currency

- Ability to set the language

- The BUY button should redirect to the order form with the domain already selected.

- If possible, ability to change style.