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Simon B shared this idea 2 years ago

I think what Blesta have done allowing for the data feeds to allow you to show clients how many are active and also the use of the domain feed. I think it would be a good idea that this could be extended so that feeds like active services and how many support tickets you have received.

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So to be clear, you want data feeds for:

- Service count (The number of services that are of a particular status: active, pending, suspended, cancelled, scheduled, in-review)

- Ticket count (The number of TOTAL tickets ever opened? Or the number currently in a particular status?)


Hi Paul,

Regarding the service count I think it would be good to show how many are actually active instead of any other as if users want to be able to use this feature on their website it will show truly how many they have got active and not services that have been cancelled for eg as this wouldn't be great to see clients cancelling their services.

With regards to the above I think it would be great to also do a active customer count as well.

As with regards to the ticket count I think it would be easier to just show many total tickets have been opened.

Thank you


Hello Paul, please add the following few things to data feeds module

1 - Please sort the domains in ascending order as we have to find the domains or scroll down.

2 - Please introduce any caching mechanism otherwise it will eat much server resources (when fetching the data from db)


I've added this task to add support for service and domain counts. Ticket data is a separate thing and a separate request should be opened for that. That case is more difficult because the Support Manager is a plugin that may or may not be installed and we'll have to evaluate it separately.