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CSV Import export for Blesta

Tonette Thompson shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

CSV format Backup and Restore options.

So, We can change services added date and change/Edit information's easily.

Utilities -> Export Data -> Blesta Format

Click the "Download" button and it will allow you to download a .csv.gz file

Once downloaded, login to your new Blesta and navigate to -> Utilities -> Import Data -> Blesta Format

You can now select the blesta.csv.gz file that was downloaded and then click Import under Import File section

Comments (2)


this feature would be really nice if the"import" is NOT Overwriting, BUT Appending. (That way, it makes merging multiple blesta installations easier).


Thinking about it, it would be nice if this would allow export of one blesta insall, and then re-import on another (as an addon copany for example).