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C.Y. shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Operations done by staffs are not logged properly by Blesta. Each plugin, module and gateway have their own log. However, package, service, user crud operations are not logged by blesta.

* Group (i.e., the team, organization, department, or account from which the activity originated)

* Actor (i.e., the uuid, username, or API token name of the account responsible for the action)

* Event name (i.e., the standard name for the specific event)

* Description (i.e., human-readable, may include links to other application pages)

* When (i.e., the server NTP synced timestamp)

* Where (i.e., the country of origin, device identification number, or IP address)

* Action (i.e., how the object has been altered)

* Action Type (i.e., create, read, update, or delete)

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Will love to see this in Blesta. A widget with Activity Log on the dashboard will be good.