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Add affiliate to order that was placed

victor cosentine shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Ok, lets all face it, most affiliates don't tell the client or they don't just use the affiliate link provided. Because this is not in Blesta at the moment, I had to go to WHMCS which I'm not really liking. Now that they are screwing their old owned customers I'd like to revisit this and see if we can add it.

The was I see it working is if I client buys and we are told after the fact it was thru an affiliate, we would like to just go into the order and with a dropdown system add that affiliate to it.

Thoughts anyone?

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I definitely think that we should have the ability to add an affiliate after the fact as something the scenario comes up.


Duplicate of even though this one was first, it has more upvotes, see that request it includes a task.