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Ajax/Wizard Boxes summary-details Sticky

Mohamed Anouar Achoukhy shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

in the order page when we use Ajax/Wizard Boxes , the summary box, is sticky when we are in page down, but this summary box, is not respecting the footer row, as when we have a long footer , the summary box is down at the bottom of the page, normally it should stop scrolling dows when it reach the end of the package-config div or the main row container .

this behavior will not occur in default blesta template , as the footer si almost two line, should be tested with a footer of multiple lines and containers .

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After some quick search to fix this on our website, we found that the jquery sticky plugin has this issue and a lot of users has been addressed this issue without a real fix.

the best alternative is to use this jquery plugin it has some cool parametres