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Non Merchant Gateways. Provide a temporary table to store order info

Luis Mendoza shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration

I noticed that non merchant gateways send a serialized invoice_amount array to the gateway. And when this array is returned in the callback, use it to assign amounts to the corresponding invoices.

My issue is that the gateways I'd like to implement don't have a field to store this information so it gets returned in he callback.

My approach would be to create a table on the gateway install event to store this information. Basically:

- Transaction ID (from the gateway)

- Invoice_Amounts array (serialized)

- Client_Id

- Potentially other information.

And when the callback comes in, retrieve this information, match it by Transaction ID, and use it to process the payment.

Maybe afterwards, delete the record.



The actual request would be for Blesta to provide this table and methods to interact with it out of the box (store, retrieve), in order to use it when we have scenarios like this and not having to mess with the DB.