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New "Invisible" Google reCAPTCHA

Under Consideration Eddris K. Comments: 1 Reply 2 days ago by Md.Mahmudul H.
7 votes

Email Address Verification

Planned Michael Order System Comments: 11 Reply 2 weeks ago by Paul P.
16 votes

Select Who Gets Invoice

Under Consideration Jason R. Billing Comments: 4 Reply 1 hour ago by Jason R.
4 votes

built-in Affiliate Program

Completed Mostafa K. Modules Comments: 4 Reply 14 hours ago by Jakub K.
22 votes

Login page when going to the Affiliate signup page

Under Consideration Michael 2 days ago Order System No Comments
3 votes

Whatsapp Client Notifications

Under Consideration Eddris K. Staff Interface Comments: 3 Reply 1 week ago by Mohamed A.
5 votes

Banned Email Domains

Under Consideration Md.Mahmudul H. Plugins Comments: 2 Reply 2 weeks ago by Michael
5 votes

Invoice PDF Generation

Under Consideration Barry F. Billing Comments: 3 Reply 2 weeks ago by Paul P.
9 votes

DNS Manager For Blesta

Under Consideration Md.Mahmudul H. Domains Comments: 10 Reply 3 weeks ago by Emanuele V.
10 votes


Planned TeraDelta Payment Gateways Comments: 4 Reply 2 weeks ago by Paul P.
3 votes

make pay with credit as a gateway .

Completed Mohamed A. Comments: 4 Reply 2 hours ago by Paul P.
2 votes

Paying for suppliers.

Declined Shuki V. Comments: 1 Reply 2 hours ago by Michael
1 vote

Limit 1 per customer

Completed Gazbonic A. Order System Comments: 2 Reply 5 hours ago by Michael
4 votes

Search services in client side

Completed Mohamed A. Comments: 7 Reply 6 hours ago by Michael
6 votes
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