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more options for navigation links

Mohamed Anouar Achoukhy shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

blesta in v4 hs added the option to set a option of base_uri if the link will have a custom base_uri , it would be great if it was another setting for visibility links , like

'options' => ['visibility' => 'public'] = all vistors

'options' => ['visibility' => 'client'] = only clients

'options' => ['visibility' => 'visitors'] = only visitors

also, we need to remove the limitation of getActions() insertion links, now only the plugins can add/insert one action per category.

Comments (3)


the limitation has been removed .

now we need only the visibility ACL . it would perfect to allow plugin insert links that some of them will be publicly and some are only for clients .


How do you distinguish between "public" and "visitors"?


public = anyone (all)

visitors = only un logged ones . if client is logged in so is excluded .

but we can conform with only two option

'options' => ['visibility' => 'public'] = all vistors 'options' => ['visibility' => 'client'] = only clients